Useful Information

Useful Information

Measurements, Symbols,& Abbreviations
Metric ton = 2,204.62262 lbs.
Short ton/Net ton/Ton = 2,000 lbs.
CWT (�hundred weight�) = 100 lbs.
# = lbs.
Railcars max load is approximately #180,000.
Truck max load is approximately #45,000.
Semi flatbed trailers are generally 102� wide and 48� long.
Railcars vary in length but are generally 108� wide and can accommodate material stacked higher�roughly four times the amount of material loaded onto a truck.

Shortcut CWT calculations

To convert Net Tons to CWT: (Tons x 2000) / 100
Ex: (25 NT x 2000) = 50,000lbs / 100 = 500CWT
Shortcut: NT x 20 = CWT

To convert Metric Tons to CWT: (Tons x 2204.62262) /100
Ex: (25 MT x 2,204.62262) = 55,115.5655 lbs / 100 = 551.16CWT
Shortcut: MT x 22.0462 = CWT

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