Safety & Environmental

Environmental Compliance

AllTrans is an industry leader in the field of Safety & Environmental. Located in the ISO 28000 certified Port of Houston, AllTrans maintains strict operating procedures to help reduce the environmental impact that the Company leaves in the Port of Houston and the ship channel.

Texas Emissions Reduction Program

Recently, AllTrans converted its forklifts to reduced emission machines under the Texas Emissions Reduction Program (TERP). This program required the Company to turn in old, "dirty-burning" machines in exchange for the TERP-certified machines. Not only are these Taylor forklifts new and reliable, they help reduce overall emissions in the Port of Houston and ship channel area. Proactive steps like these show that AllTrans is dedicated to not only our customers, but the land and water which we work around.

Being a Good Neighbor

AllTrans frequently sprays dust control material (SS-1) in its yards and surrounding areas. This ensures that dust kick-up is minimal and helps nearby neighborhoods and businesses breathe easy.

Platinum National Safety Award 2013 Platinum National Safety Award 2014 Gold National Safety Award 2015
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